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Harry Potter by joekinguyr

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On Harry Potter (reply):

ATTENTION! this set is on hiatus! ATTENTION! this set is on hiatus!

On Trained Hippogrif (reply):

Whaddya think?

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Creature – Snake
When Chabmer Basilisk enter the battlefield,target creature gains defender until end of turn
Creature – Human Wizard
last 2015-12-09 16:48:13 by joekinguyr
{1}, {t}:Put a charge counter on Time Turner.
Remove five charge counters from Time Turner, {t}: Take a extra turn after this one.
last 2015-12-09 13:11:20 by Jack V
Creature – Spirit
Creatures your opponents control get-
last 2015-12-09 12:17:59 by joekinguyr
Creature – Beast
Creatures with power less than Trained Hippogrif's power
can't block Trained Hippogrif.
1 comment
2015-12-09 12:12:51 by joekinguyr

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On Harry Potter:

ATTENTION! this set is on hiatus! ATTENTION! this set is on hiatus!

On Swift Keeper:
On Swift Keeper:

I like it!

I think this could be 1W even at common, compare cards like Courier Hawk. I'm not sure, but I think white small flying creatures get flash and vigilance without costing much more.

You could also add defender for flavour, though it's probably a more interesting card without it.

On Time Turner:

It's slow to get going, since you need to pay 10 before you get the effect, but the significant problem is that if you cast this for five mana, then next turn put five counters on it, you get an extra turn immediately, when you still have five mana up so you can do it again, repeat for infinity, so once you untap with this, you've basically instantly won.

But I really like the design. Maybe make it cost {1} but need to tap to put a charge counter on it or to activate it? That way, you can hope for an extra turn every five turns which is good but not broken.

On Time Turner:

Too good?

On Dementor:
On Swift Keeper:

Too Good?

On Trained Hippogrif:

Whaddya think?

On Dementor:

You could also consider something like, "when this attacks, creatures defending player controls get -1/-1 UEOT". Even if it's not necessary for balance reasons, it would be quite thematic.

On Dementor:

Ah, yes! It's only for a single player, but close enough.

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