Cube Zero

Cube Zero by Rudyard

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211 with no rarity

153 colourless, 3 white, 7 blue, 10 black,
9 red, 16 green, 6 multicolour, 7 land

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Creature – Rhino
Tapped creatures can block Alluring Rhino as though they were untapped and must block it if able.
Illus. Dave Melvin
1 comment
2015-11-25 23:27:02 by Jack V
Creature – Horror
Illus. Dave Melvin
last 2015-11-25 22:21:59 by Jack V
Take an extra turn after this one. Skip your next turn after that one.
Illus. Naiide
Illus. Mike Azevedo
Illus. Mike Azevedo

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On Alluring Rhino:

Huh. "Can block if tapped" makes a lot of sense for provoke.

On Card54765:
On Card54765:

sorry to ruin the mystery, but Link called it

On Card54765:

I've heard, "everyone design N cards, then shuffle them and draft them", that would make sense with art. As would "design cards based on art", or "Use cards from multiverse for a home-designed non-MTG game".

On Card54765:

Maybe he's designing cards based on the art, and wanted all the art ready to peruse?

On Card54765:

Maybe they're to be printed out and then people can fill in the details using a pen? I've no idea.

On Card54765:

I don't get it, what are all these supposed to mean?

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