Cube Zero

Cube Zero by Rudyard

211 cards in Multiverse

211 with no rarity

153 colourless, 3 white, 7 blue, 10 black,
9 red, 16 green, 6 multicolour, 7 land

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Rhino by davesrightmind d65praa
Creature – Rhino
Tapped creatures can block Alluring Rhino as though they were untapped and must block it if able.
Illus. Dave Melvin
1 comment
2015-11-25 23:27:02 by Jack V
Parasite by davesrightmind d7mq894
Creature – Horror
Illus. Dave Melvin
last 2015-11-25 22:21:59 by Jack V
Bottes du chronomage by naiiade d5dc7ne
Take an extra turn after this one. Skip your next turn after that one.
Illus. Naiide
Forest spirit by pklklmike d380915
Illus. Mike Azevedo
Summoning the dead by pklklmike d50988o
Illus. Mike Azevedo

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On Alluring Rhino:

Huh. "Can block if tapped" makes a lot of sense for provoke.

On Card54765:
On Card54765:

sorry to ruin the mystery, but Link called it

On Card54765:

I've heard, "everyone design N cards, then shuffle them and draft them", that would make sense with art. As would "design cards based on art", or "Use cards from multiverse for a home-designed non-MTG game".

On Card54765:

Maybe he's designing cards based on the art, and wanted all the art ready to peruse?

On Card54765:

Maybe they're to be printed out and then people can fill in the details using a pen? I've no idea.

On Card54765:

I don't get it, what are all these supposed to mean?

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