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Silver bordered and/or joke cards by Jack V

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A collecting ground for cards which are funny rather than useful; some would fit in an un-set, some are purely humour

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On Silver bordered and/or joke cards (reply):

Also, Rourke's comment about this set being 'un-believable' made me think that is what this set (or the next Un-set Wizards does) should be called: Unbelievable.

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At the beginning of each upkeep, players who didn't contribute to the conversation last turn can't cast spells until end of turn.
Legendary Creature – Troll
Protection from Horses

All creatures lose horsemanship and can't have or gain horsemanship.
Super Cheap Counterspell is blue.
Counter target spell.
last 2016-03-16 11:49:46 by Alex
Creature – Insect
Semantic Butterfly can only be blocked by creatures with flying or reach.
last 2016-03-08 21:07:19 by dude1818
Legendary Creature – Human Warrior Scout Praetor
First strike, vigilance, flash, swampwalk, trample

Metalcraft – Creatures you control get +3/+0 as long as you control three or more artifacts.

You can't get poison counters.

Creatures you control can't have -1/-1 counters placed on them.

Creatures your opponents control lose infect.

Other creatures you control get +2/+2.

Creatures your opponents control get -2/-2.

At the beginning of your end step, draw seven cards.

Each opponent's maximum hand size is reduced by seven.

At the beginning of your upkeep, return target creature card from your graveyard to the battlefield.

At the beginning of each opponent's upkeep, that player sacrifices a creature.

Creatures you control have haste.

Creatures your opponents control enter the battlefield tapped.

Whenever you tap a land for mana, add one mana to your mana pool of any type that land produced.

Whenever an opponent taps a land for mana, that land doesn't untap during its controller's next untap step.

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On Super Cheap Counterspell:

Ha! When I created CounterWhat and dude1818 created Broken Horologe, back in November 2011, I hadn't realised we were actually duplicating something from 10 months earlier :)

On Super Cheap Counterspell:
on 2016-03-15 20:14:25 by Visitor:

xD, I love this card. I'd shove this in my brothers deck jsut for fun (:

On Semantic Butterfly:

Oh, okay. Yeah, it's gotten pseudo-flying a number of times, and it's a mistake every one.

On Semantic Butterfly:

Yeah, I kind of misinterpreted your comment. I thought you were saying that Green had never gotten that ability at all, not that it shouldn't have gotten that ability.

On Semantic Butterfly:

I get the original joke. Your comment defending it does not come across as a joke.

On Semantic Butterfly:

Which is exactly the joke. It's been established as green even in recent sets, but it really shouldn't be. Claims that it doesn't violate color pie because it's not technically flying are just semantics, hence this card. This is silver-bordered for a reason -- it's poking fun at the fact that this ability shows up in green at all.

On Semantic Butterfly:

None of those are supposed to be green. I can name a bunch of blue direct damage spells, but that doesn't make it okay. MaRo has been quite vocal about how this shouldn't be allowed.

On Semantic Butterfly:

­Canopy Cover, Spire Tracer, Orchard Spirit

It is very much a green ability. Wizards is sparing with when they use it, but it has firmly been in green's part of the pie for some time.

On Semantic Butterfly:

The second ability is not in green's slice of the pie. That's the problem.

On Semantic Butterfly:


It's funny, this is apparently within green's pie -- certainly both halves of it are, and unlike Peculiar Distortion they don't seem significantly more powerful together.

Certainly, they're very slightly more powerful than flying, since they dodge "Can only block creatures with flying" creatures but green's pseudo-fliers already do that.

I do feel, green should either have flying, or some other sort of evasion instead, and stop trying to pretend :)

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