Rhondite War

Rhondite War by Sorrow

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55 commons, 55 uncommons, 35 rares, 10 mythics

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27 green, 3 multicolour, 17 artifact

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The conclusion of the conflict between Eluim and Coaxkika

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On Wave of Apathy (reply):
  1. sure this is a wording mess. The intention of this aura is to prevent the enchanted creature from dealing combat damage. At the endstep of the creature's controller, this makes a copy to hinder another creature. Caveats:
  2. I allow this to target your own creatures, should a player want to keep a creature as a solid base to spread tokens of this from.
  3. I added the non-token clause to not suddenly overwhelm the battlefield with these.
On Lumberyard Colossus (reply):

Originally this was going to just be an artifact creature, but I was hesitant should there be issues of cheating out a Blightsteel Colossus, but if you could cheat this out, then cheat BC Infektorz 1200, would this not just be omittable middleman thus and therefore suggest there be no restriction on what artifact creature this can grab? Alternately, power 5 or less just for flavor?

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Create a 4/4 Green Beast creature token.
Chain- Create an additional 4/4 Green Beast creature token for each other spell you control. (There is a chain as long as you control another spell.)
last 2021-02-14 15:54:48 by Sorrow
Creature – Human Soldier
When an Equipment enters the battlefield under your control, attach it to Cutting-Edge Soldier.
1 comment
2021-02-14 12:19:45 by Tahazzar
When Deval's Sabotaging Bomb enters the battlefield, counter target nonmana activated or triggered ability of an artifact.
Energized- As long as you control a tapped artifact, Deval's Sabotaging Bomb has "Sacrifice Deval's Sabotaging Bomb: Counter target nonmana activated or triggered ability of an artifact."
last 2020-09-23 09:23:02 by Jack Frank
As an additional cost to cast Predator's Skin, sacrifice a creature.
Until end of turn target creature gets +3/+3 and gains menace, deathtouch.
When Nochtlaca take their shape in adulthood, they choose the animal form they understand the most, the one whose habits fit the lifestyle that they wish to live.
Artifact Creature – Hellion
Whenever Mining Hellion becomes Overclocked, you may destroy target nonbasic land.
"An intelligent drill will solve most of the problems, of course, keeping an operator around will assure its best performance." -Sarna, Restion Salesperson

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On Gathering of Behemoths:

That seems straightforward to me. I mean, I could omit Chain and rewrite the ability to also check the same way for additional tokens, but then I'd arguably have to omit chain from all the cards in the set. While such an action is doable, I would argue that Chain inhabits a space similar to Inspired in that it names something and ties that thing together for thematic purposes despite the ability being able to function without the name.

On Cutting-Edge Soldier:

Nicely entwined wording there :P

> "When an Equipment enters the battlefield under your control, attach it to ~."

Aggressive card certainly. Imagine turn 1 this, into turn two 2x Colossus Hammer xD GG

On Gathering of Behemoths:

Why is this so complicated? This both counts the total number of other spells you control and checks whether you have a t least one other spell; but if you controlled no other spell the number of additional tokens created would be zero anyway.

On Abandoned Apparatus:

Yeah. I thought that felt mythic. I was going in with the intent to transfer charge counters and felt that was a bland rare (the intended rarity). Loyalty counters felt more spicy (unrelated, I hate "spicy" being applied to non-food & drink concepts) but I thought that such an artifact conceptwise was nonsensical. Then, I remembered that such an idea wouldn't have been out of the vision scope of Reyles and Lady Reomna, even if they failed to create the planeswalker soldier they had intended to.

On Abandoned Apparatus:

So kind of an Energy Chamber for planeswalkers?

On Seed-Spreading Sloth:

Fun fact- avocados and other large-seeded fruits of were spread by megafauna that went extinct but managed to survive to the present.

On Lumberyard Colossus:
On Lumberyard Colossus:

You can't cheat out anything, because this needs to die first. And 7 mana to "cheat" is laughable.

On Lumberyard Colossus:

I think you could go more with the route of a self assembling machine (because you could hit this 3 times) it should probably be less powerful stat wise but maybe not seeing how late it is anyways and that its restricted to green artifacts.

On Deval's Sabotaging Bomb:

Well you cant ever counter a mana ability but it should have reminder text is what i mean

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