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I note that you're working on a Skeleton. I suggest you may want to edit the Cardset options to turn on "Use card codes", as the skeleton works best with them enabled.

If you've got particular codes in mind for particular existing cards, you can add them all at once with the "Import data" link. Use a formatting line of "name,code" and enter a list of each card's name followed by the code you want, such as "Squadron Hawk,CW01". Then the skeleton will automatically link those cards, providing you with their names and with the preview tooltips. You can click a card code that's not yet created (one in parentheses, as they all currently are) to create a card for that slot, with the colour, rarity and code automatically filled in.

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If your comments are on a small number of specific cards, they may be better added to those cards. This is for comments on the set as a whole.

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