Misc Design for future sets.

Misc Design for future sets. by Vonmarcus

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These are for a database of cards that are awaiting placement in a future set.

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On Misc Design for future sets. (reply):

This set is currently an open ended design file. All manner of cards will be going in here, and many will not belong in the same setting as others in the set. Again this set is not to be looked at as a whole.

I am in the process of naming most of the cards in this file for easier review.

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Legendary Creature – Minotaur Shaman
{b}{b}{b}: Deal 1 damage to target player for each creature card put into a graveyard this turn.
{r}{r}{r}: Deal 5 damage to target creature without flying.
{g}{g}{g}: Deal 5 damage to target creature with flying.
-7Target player gets an emblem with "You can't get poison counters and whenever a -1/-1 counter would be put on a creature you control, put that -1/-1 counter on another target creature instead."
Creature – Human
At the beginning of your upkeep gain 1 life for each equipment attached to WC01
Legendary Creature – Dragon
{pb}: Regenerate Skithiryx, Phyrexian Defilier.
Pay 2 life: each other player gets a poison counter.
Creature – Human Cleric
Whenever a creature gets a -1/-1 counter gain 1 life.
Whenever another player gets a poison counter you may pay {w}{w}{w}, if you do you gain 5 life.

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On Xanth, Plague Scale:

Why not make the second ability {pb}{pb} to aesthetically match the rest of the card?

On Eron the Eternal:

How much more would [Privileged Position] cost if it also had shroud?? I could see changing it to granting protection from all colors though.

On Eron the Eternal:

Still -4 seems way, way too much for a turn's global hexproof. Especially given this costs 8 where Privileged Position costs 5.

Oh, I know! If you don't want to take that cost up to -1, How about rather than hexproof it grants protection from all colours? That's somewhat stronger (mostly-unblockable; though not universally so, as things like Icy Manipulator or Mystifying Maze can still hit you) as well as more in-pie for white.

On Eron the Eternal:

ok I've dropped the starting loyalty from the PW side. I've not seen anything about Magic Origins yet.(I've just replaced my laptop after many months after my last one died so I've been out of the loop.) Tweaked the abilities on the Walker side.

On Eron the Eternal:

Um, yes. That could be a [0] on a 4-cost walker. On an 8-cost, it should probably be part of the +.

On Eron the Eternal:

I was going to say Eron's -4 ability doesn't do much of anything, but then it occurred to me that it shuts off combat tricks, especially cards like Neck Snap. Fair enough. Still quite a minor ability for -4 counters.

On Eron the Eternal:

There's no reason to have a starting loyalty on the planeswalker side, unless you want to have this work like Magic Origin's new flipwalkers, which exile and return transformed.

On Luken, Lifecycle Shaman:

Yes I meant from graveyard. Wording has been fixed now.

On Luken, Lifecycle Shaman:

Ok, concede this could mean from exile; I'd just have it mean 'from graveyard unless somewhere else is specified' but 'to the battlefield' takes care of the unsummon problem. (I guess maybe 'to hand' is the default?)

On Luken, Lifecycle Shaman:

But "Return" is also used from exile (Oblivion Ring, Turn to Mist) and to hand (Unsummon).

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