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Is "Reble" a proper noun, or is it a typo for "rebel"?

Typo, sorry!

By the way, I notice you're using separate mechanics for all the different Guerilla Warfare costs. You don't need to do that: you can make your mechanics more straightforward by using the "Parameters" option in one mechanic.

You could make the mechanic say "You may play this spell from your hand as though it had flash by paying \1 instead of its mana cost...". Then the \1 will be replaced by the cost you provide on each card, which can be different from card to card. You write that on each card [hit an[d] run [{]R}], [hit an[d] run {B[}{]B}], etc.

White common is done! Please make suggestions for replacements or edits, bring holes to my notice, and tell me if anything is horrible!

Everyone is mentioning play testing, but non of the export formats seem to be in visual-spoiler form. How would I play test without a huge amount of index cards?

Well, if you want a visual spoiler, there's the Visual Spoiler link at the top... ^^;; Alternatively, the plain text format is suitable for import into PyDraft, which lets you draft with people online over the course of a few days. Or you could use Apprentice and create a patch for your set into that as well.

Thank you. I did see that link, I was just wondering if you could print it out to play at home. I will have to try those links though.

Yeah, the Visual Spoiler link is as close as we get to something suitable for printing at home. I'm not quite sure what else you'd hope for; I'm happy to take feature requests if you have a suggestion.

Thank You!

Sorry about the problems with the skeleton. I'm looking into the problem and trying to fix it, but in the meantime, if you want I could blank the skeleton so that you can start again?

Thank you. I will keep the current one, I have a lot to do any way, but again thank you.

Got it! Fixed it up. It was a bug which happened if people had manually generated the start of a skeleton, and then used the generator to add more cards. I'll try to iron that out. In the meantime, you shouldn't have any more problems as long as you keep each line of the table starting with (((. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Incidentally, I note that you've got a lot of cards without codes, and you've assigned them codes in the skeleton. If you want to quickly add all those codes to the cards all at once, you could use the Import Data screen. Use a formatting line of name,code and just type lines like: "Wary Scout",CW02

Thank you!

I think most of your wary cards are underpowered. You need to have more ways to enable it, and the bonuses you get when you satisfy it need to be a bit bigger. It's also possible you may want to reduce the number to just 2.

I would like to keep wary and active symmetrical. Do you think that active could be reduced to 2 as well and not become broken?

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