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Arena Jumpstart: Historic Horizons will introduce mechanics that only work in the digital game.
last 2021-08-03 10:41:29 by Alex
Game Design – New Rules
Wizards has taught us new words before:

- "remove from the game" became "exile"
- "creature is put into a graveyard from the battlefield" became "creature dies"

What other new vocabulary/templating are you interested in?
last 2021-07-31 19:29:22 by Visitor
Magic Arena is WotC's latest online interface to emulate the paper game.
last 2021-07-12 00:03:26 by Visitor
What is Magic's greatest strength?
What is Magic's greatest weakness?
If you could change one thing about Magic, what would you change and why?
last 2021-04-19 06:28:42 by Tahazzar
last 2021-04-14 04:11:08 by zzo38

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On Digital-Exclusive Mechanics:

Conjure doesn't seem to be anything to do with RNG? It seems to be generally used to make one specific card, like the guy who conjures a Stormfront Pegasus into your hand when he attacks (Wingsteed Trainer, that's the bunny). Shoreline Scout turns a card into a Tropical Island, Sarkhan, Wanderer to Shiv makes a Shivan Dragon... it's just Tome of the Infinite that does weird RNG things, and that's the fault of that one design rather than the conjure word.

On Introducing new Wording:
on 2021-07-31 19:29:22 by Visitor:

SecretInfiltrator said: > {t}, Spot three artifacts you control: Tap target creature.

Common Activated Abilities requirements could be put in the cost part, before the colon :

Metalcraft -- Control three artifacts: ~some effect~

Threshold -- Have seven cards in your graveyard: ~some effect~

Including a new keyword "Sorcerous", to denote an ability only activated as sorcery.

­{t}, Sorcerous: ~some effect~

On Introducing new Wording:

"Field" instead of "battlefield" seem good to me; not all permanents will be engaged in combat, anyways.

On Digital-Exclusive Mechanics:

One concern that I have is, would there be the rules for them written out fully, in order to know exactly their working? Having read some things about Hearthstone (although I didn't play, I know some people who do), it seems to be more difficult to understand than Magic: the Gathering due to some rules being less clear, more confusing, some cards having text differently describing than their actual effect, etc. When making up a game, you should write the rules, so that you can read so that you will know how to play this game.

On Digital-Exclusive Mechanics:

I like Perpetually- it's the kind of feature that can fit well into a card game digitally while not changing the feel of the game.

Seek is something that I'm a bit more wary of, though that's more for deckbuilding to eliminate the random aspect of Seek rather than Seek itself.

Conjure is the one I'm hesitant with, because rng was something Hearthstone was heavily criticized over.

On Digital-Exclusive Mechanics:

Not to mention Magic already did this once. It's called the Astral set, and I don't think those cards cheapened the old Microprose game...

This has a lot to do with restraint. As long as they don't make Arena unrecognizable from paper Magic, then it shouldn't be a big problem. It will admittedly feel weird, however, if the Digital Historic format deviates considerably from Historic.

On Digital-Exclusive Mechanics:

Every other format has cards that are only available or only playable in that format. I don't see a problem with Digital Historic joining that group. It's not like Un-cards or Commander precons broke the game.

On Digital-Exclusive Mechanics:

How long before we can call Arena Magic-in-name-only? Before or after they stop bothering with the actual card game?

On Digital-Exclusive Mechanics:
On Conversation:

I saw it and posted a followup on his set, over here. It sounds like he's all set for now :)

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