[Tribute] Nurbrak: Cycles

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Common French Vanilla Creatures

Obsidian Home Guard Wingfeaster Pahlavan of Crimson Hell

Common Landboost Creatures

Caldera Camel Kantin Kraken Highland Hellion Bayou Beetle

Common Colored Artifact Creatures

Radiant Rock

Common Off-Color Activation Creatures

Caldera Chameleon

Common Charms

Goblin Charm

Common Cataclysm

Trench Tactics Hellion Burst
Smoke Hammer

Common Death-Trigger Lands

Smoke Hearth


Uncommon Cataclysm

Explosives Bazaar

Uncommon Ruingreeters

Mire Gorgon


Rare ???


Kantinid Springswimmer
Guardian of Kantin
Marauding Skelesaur
Ancient Skelesaur
Crimson Hell Duelist
Blastwave Engineer
Radiant Plasma

Lost in the Mines Crush
Earthen Chains
Land's Bounty Shard of Obsidian

Flint-Suit Armorer Magnifier Task Mage

Igneous Circuit Infernal Knowledge

Vengeful Flamekin

Keep of Kantin

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