Gentlemen Magicians

Gentlemen Magicians by Jack V

264 cards in Multiverse

110 commons, 75 uncommons, 74 rares, 5 mythics

5 colourless, 36 white, 35 blue, 37 black, 36 red,
35 green, 12 multicolour, 40 hybrid, 11 artifact, 17 land

170 comments total

Alternate England of woodland and magicians. Colours and rarities approximately balanced, but there remain many anomalies, and all major mechanics remain untested for rules issues and balance.

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On Gaggleherd (reply):

Going to remove minor gravetrigger. If white gets 2/3 bonus for WW, is 1W 2/3 "whenever a creature deals damage to this..." reasonable at common?

On Fleshform Leviathan (reply):

I know trample isn't white, but the leviathan flavour feels right. Can I justify this?

On Drift Of Blossoms (reply):

I like the flavour but I think the ability is too complicated. How should it read?

On Blessed Ghost (reply):

Shall I add "exile it" clause so people can keep the creature card under blessed ghost as a reminder? OTOH, then it would feel more like "... return it to play"

On Adonai (reply):

Chris; Are you sure? Can you choose to sacrifice it even though it can't leave play? If it said "you can't sacrifice this" I assume you can't (compare Tajuru Preserver), and if it said "if this would leave play, instead it doesn't", then you can, but is it clear with the current wording?

On Sputtering Mayfly (reply):

Slightly better than cancel. Is this ok? Scars metalcraft counterspell is slightly better too, so probably not too strong, but would it be more natural if the counterspell was conditional somehow?

I think the card was originally 0/0 and could stick around if you had a way of improving it, but I decided 0/1 was simpler and better.

On Familiar Owl (reply):

Playtest shows repeatable scry being unsurprisingly very very useful. OTOH, if you can repeatably attack in the air, you're probably being successful anyway. Too strong?

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When Heaven's Light enters the battlefield, exile target spell or non-land permanent.
If Heaven's Light leaves the battlefield return that card to its owner's hand.
Enchantment – Aura
Enchant creature.
Enchanted creature can't attack or block.
At the beginning of your first main phase each turn, add {w} or {g} to your mana pool.
Creature – Elemental Construct
As Fleshform Leviathan comes into play, put any number of -1/-1 counters on any number of creatures you control (but not more than their toughness). Fleshform Leviathan comes into play with that many +1/+1 counters on.
last 2011-07-05 04:08:52 by jmgariepy
Enchantment – Aura
Enchant creature.
When enchanted creature is put into a graveyard from play, blessed ghost becomes a copy of it. (And is no longer an enchantment.)
last 2011-03-05 00:43:06 by Jack V
Creature – Ouphe Rogue
{u}: Famulous Infiltrator is unblockable this turn.
{u}, Sacrifice Famulous Infiltrator: Return target non-land permanent to its owner's hand.

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On Crackling Inspiration:

It's "Draw 5 cards" for one cheaper than Braingeyser would do it, so that's fine. Then it has trinket text of "Go on, build a ridiculous deck, you know that you want to..."

Personally, I love it. Though yes, mainly I love it for the trinket text which should totally be a silver-border card. Though in that land, I'd suggest the trinket text of "Draft an additional 60 cards"

On Crackling Inspiration:

I don't think this is printable, but I really love the design. Gentleman Magicians is a bit out of date, there's lots of cards that I wouldn't design today, but I don't think it's worth updating them all because I'd have to redesign the set from scratch.

On Crackling Inspiration:

Wait. This is balanced? That's awesome! (though, I fear the real world would ask for reminder text about how you lose the game when you fail to draw.)

On Illusory Mansion:

And indeed a long time ago that Multiverse first came online. Sienira's Facets, Gentlemen Magicians and Multiverse all happened in summer-autumn 2010, didn't they?

On Illusory Mansion:

Oh, awesome! Thank you.

Wow, it was a long time ago I first made these...

On Gentlemen Magicians:
on 2012-04-03 10:51:10 by Apurba:

Not only was the masked miaicagn fatter than the genuine one but the narrator was the big give away in his annoyed and very impatient tone of voice when he explains how the trick was done. The lady may have been beautiful like they always are in the masked miaicagns clips, but her dancing was way too provocative for high quality magic of the real masked miaicagn. The explanation of how it worked made no sense at all ==

On Sunken Tanbo:

You know, I do find this intriguing. The doesn't untap thing looks like a control method for a minor splash, but I think the card reads better if it was simply a basic land that turned into another basic land once a number of lands was hit. Like SU mentioned, 6 may be too high. But, really, any number under that seems fair game.

On Sunken Tanbo:

Not sure what's going on about the colors, but if it isn't "in addition to its other types", it's better than a Plains. If it's like it reads, it seems too random. You want nonbasics (okay, some) to fix your mana. By the time you have six lands, this is totally irrelevant in a regular land.

If I want black or red, I'll just use the latest BR land. Even in a WBR deck, I'll probably want something else.

On Arcane Scriptorium:

Talk about pushing creatures. This on turn one is at the very least a free Divination (that requires you to give up a land drop) for any color. More often, though, it will be a free Concentrate which is downright broken.

­Jace Beleren cost three and it was a fantastic card if you just used the -1 until he died.

On Thornwind Kestrel:

In Magic: the Gatherese, "Run Away" is translated as "Ach Hans, Run!"

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