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I was wondering if the ability to quite often use Chant as a Sleep (minus the don't untap) was noticed?

It was, and it does make some flavor sense (the Dagda using his harp to put the fomorians to sleep). I considered making it only work on your own creatures, but concluded that this version allows for more interesting choices. Now that I think about it though, this may be to powerful. The other option that I can think of is to have it target all creatures that share a given color, which could make it somewhat less powerful.

The problem is that this causes mass-tapping to bleed in colors (black, green and red) that do not normally get it. Bleeding mass counter gibing as part of a set/block mechanic is one thing. Bleeding another mechanic as part of that gets to be a bit much.

Good point. I'll change Chant accordingly. Executioner's Song (Poem? I forget.) will have to go, or maybe change, but that's just fine.

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