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Okundwa pt. II

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Creature – Elf Shaman Musician
{g},{t}: Target creature gets +2/+2 until end of turn. Use this ability only during your main phase.
Fight to the rhythm.
last 2020-07-14 11:57:50 by Sorrow
Creature – Merfolk Warrior
Banetrident enters the battlefield with a -1/-1 counter unless you exile an instant or sorcery from your hand.
"They are the rejects of the rivers, bays, and lagoons. They are children trapped in their own ignorance".
last 2020-01-17 08:53:18 by SecretInfiltrator
Fetish ( Whenever a nontoken creature dies, if Rack of Bones has no fetish, you may exile that card.)

At the beginning of each player's upkeep if that player has more than 4 cards in their hand Rack of Bones deals 1 damage to that player. If Rack of Bones has a fetish, instead Rack of Bones deals 3 damage to that player.
last 2020-01-05 23:32:48 by Sorrow
Creature – Minotaur Shaman
Wither, Blemish (Whenever this creature would block or be blocked by a creature with counters you may exchange any number of counters between them.)
Whenever Ragecursed Shaman attacks for the first time each turn untap all creatures you control and then receive an additional combat phase for each -1/-1 counter on Ragecursed Shaman.
Destroy target attacking creature. If that creature had stampede its controller loses 3 life.
See the confusion that erupts once the an archbull falls?

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On Gwehu War Drummer:

In another set, I added actor, artist, and musician as types. Since a card references the musician type, I just thought I'd update this card. I feel those professions are distinct enough to each warrant their own class type (I also used dancer, though I already used dancer in a previous set). Also, currently I anticipate that most creatures in the set would have one of those professions as their class type. Seeing just artist on a third or so of the creatures in the set wouldn't be a good look for the set as a whole imho.

On Gwehu War Drummer:

Could it be generalized to Artist? Do you feel Musicians / Artists lack representation in Magic?

On Banetrident:

­Elite Vanguard is now blue? The power creep is real.

On Rack of Bones:

Do you have any suggestions to fix the AP-NAP concerns?

On Rack of Bones:

Fetish as a mechanic has the problem that players need to concern themselves with AP-NAP order of resolving triggered abilities and get some nonintuitive results. I like the concept though and it looks like it could be made quite simple.

On Gorger Pig:

Suid or swine would be a better term, but I think boar can fit here? I'm worried if boar should only be animal we know as the Eurasian wild boar (and its subspecies), and a more broad term should be used. I now am unsure if peccaries should use the boar type (I may have to go back to Coaxkika and Spectrum of the Storm) and give peccary its own type.

Still, this isn't as bad as the mess that are canidae of South America.

On Midnight Spiritkeeper:

More standardized wording: "When ~ enters the battlefield, if there is a creature card in your graveyard, you may gain 3 life."

Actually, with all the fours already floating around the card, I would go for "4 life".

On Funanya's Disciple:

The effect could not be mandatory, yeah. There's also no point in restricting the type of counter- that was the whole reason I worded blemish as I did. This card needs to be a hybrid though, and I don't think green gets to bounce opponents' creatures. Further, I think that bouncing an opponent's creature with the potential to draw would be pretty strong.

On Hexeater Troll:

No, this doesn't want to remove counters. But yeah, the ability is kind of bonkers and could probably use mana in the activation cost.

On Hexeater Troll:

Your comment on Vengeful Murdered suggests the activated ability wants to remove counters, right?

Either way the ease of abuse of counters in this set means that I suggest adding a small mana cost to the activated ability.

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