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Land – Swamp Structure
({t}: Add {b}.)
Swamp Engine enters the battlefield tapped.
{3}{b}{b}, {t}: Create a Swamp token.
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2020-07-02 17:37:44 by SecretInfiltrator
Land – Plain Structure
({t}: Add {w}.)
Plain Engine enters the battlefield tapped.
{3}{w}{w}, {t}: Create a Plain token.
Land – Mountain Structure
({t}: Add {r}.)
Mountain Engine enters the battlefield tapped.
{3}{r}{r}, {t}: Create a Mountain token.
Land – Forest Structure
({t}: Add {g}.)
Forest Engine enters the battlefield tapped.
{3}{g}{g}, {t}: Create a Forest token.
Land – Island Structure
({t}: Add {u}.)
Island Engine enters the battlefield tapped.
{3}{u}{u}, {t}: Create a Island token.
last 2020-07-04 02:29:40 by SecretInfiltrator

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On Cull the Voices:

You only ever sacrifice creatures you control. "Each player sacrifices a creature. Then each player loses life equal to the total converted mana cost of creatures their opponents have sacrificed this way."

I don't see this effect as a good candidate for the use of Phyrexian mana.

On Island Engine:
On Island Engine:

Mm. Journeyer's Kite was a tier one card that appeared in most control decks in Kamigawa. Sneaking it onto a land and paying one more colorless to activate it is some real good.

­Castle Ardenvale seems like a good place to look to try to figure out what your costs should look like. That land could come into play tapped... which might be good tech to steal here. But if you used that line, it's clear that this is too cheap since a 1/1 creature is no where near as good as a land.

How much does a land cost? Not sure. But if I was to pay mana for a vanilla creature nowadays, I'd expect my one mana to get back a 1/3 worth of value. Meanwhile, Rampant Growth is presumably too good, since we haven't seen it in a while. most sets cost it at 3 with the ability to reduce it by one if a condition is met. See also: Thunderherd Migration.

Seeing that's the case, I think I'd personally choose to put the activation at {4}{u}{u}. Which sucks, since there are few decks that when they get to 6 mana want more mana. But that's okay... this ability shouldn't be in every deck. It's clearly a niche ability for a niche control deck that will be overjoyed to spend 6 mana at end of turn to get 7 mana.

Meanwhile, I think I'd steal Castle Ardenvale's tech and do a 'tapped unless'. Because now that we have to pay so much for our ability, the land side of the card needs to be reasonable to play in the earlier stages of the game.

I should point out that while it seems reasonable to assume that 'coming into play tapped is worth one mana shaved off' that's not really how things work. Powerful cards have minimum cost requirements. Making the card worse and worse to make up for those cost requirements doesn't unbreak an overpowered card... it just makes the game less fun to play.

But... um... you know sometimes I write all this out and it sounds like I'm being critical and/or saying that I must be right or something. But The Dude would tell me these are just opinions, man. Take everything with a grain of salt. Oh and I only went into length with this card because I think this card is cool, and it got me thinking about costs. With cards as difficult to gauge as this, nothing beats good old testing.

On Island Engine:

I feel the activation cost should involve some finite resource e. g. discarding a card or exiling cards from your graveyard.

Right now it's not just ramp in any color, but ramp without card investment. If this could do nothing but create tokens the four mana would already be low-balled, but since this is a normal tapland by itself... there is something missing here.

On Island Engine:

That seems better. Now this is an interesting roleplayer. You might get pushback about the colour pie implications of this... it effectively gives ramp to each colour (albeit slow enough that it's probably only of interest to a control deck). I'd definitely play it, in the right deck.

By the way, if this has type Island it gets the "{t}: Add {u}" ability for free. The way Mistveil Plains and friends indicated this was by putting the tap ability in parentheses, and come to think of it that's how Raugrin Triome and Dwarven Mine and so on are still doing it.

On Swamp Engine:

Last ability's effect could just be "Create a Swamp token." The ability is already implied by the rules of Swamps.

On Island Engine:

Thanks for the feedback!

On Island Engine:

Yowzers! I know the Karoo cycle were a tiny bit underpowered, but this seems rather too far the other way. A land that taps for 2 mana needs a much bigger drawback than just "ETBs tapped". See Ancient Tomb, City of Traitors, Temple of the False God, and Azorius Chancery, all of which are strong cards.

That's before we even get onto the land-ramp ability. Thawing Glaciers was crazily strong even though it used up your land drop, was half as fast as this, and was limited by the lands in your deck.

I think both halves of this are exciting powerful cards that are probably each too strong; putting them together would need some utterly absurd nerf.

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