Extra Magic

Extra Magic by James Goat

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1 red, 1 hybrid, 2 artifact

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New spells that are played from the extra deck! Like the fusion monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh!

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Fusion Creature – Elemental
Fusion Summon: 1 creature with flying + 1 creature with power five or greater.
Flash, flying
Legendary Artifact
{t}: You can cast ritual spells and summon fusion creatures from your extra deck until your next upkeep.
Fusion Artifact Creature – Construct
Fusion Summon: 1 Human creature + 1 noncreature artifact.
{2}{c}{c}, {t}: Draw a card.
Fusion Creature – Goblin
Fusion Summon: 2 Goblins + 1 Goblin with a keyword ability.
Haste, first strike
{t}: Destroy target artifact

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