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Un-set inspired by the real world. I'm searching for stock photos of the names of the cards I make and using them because memes.

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Legendary Creature – Bird Avatar
Can't be countered
Hexproof, prowess
All Star Ballers wins every combat with other creatures. (This survives and enemy creatures die.)
Meme Creature – Human Wizard
Online (Creatures with online can not block, be blocked, target or be targeted by anything that isn't online)
When you cast a meme spell: Scry 1.
Creature – Treefolk Cleric
{t}: Each player adds {g}{g}{g}.
{g}{g}{g}{g}{g}{g}, {t}: Target creature becomes a copy of Recreational Herbalist.
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2020-06-03 15:04:56 by James Goat
Meme Creature – Nightmare
{t}: Put a random card from target players hand on top of your library. (Do not reveal the card.)
You may spend mana as though it were any color to cast stolen spells.
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2020-05-27 10:55:50 by James Goat
Meme Sorcery
You are online until your next upkeep. (Online players can not target, be targeted, attack or be attacked by anything that isn't online.)
Scry 10. Draw three cards.

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On Recreational Herbalist:

Something you should know about this set. The power and toughness does not represent the persons physical stats. More like their social stats. A person with high power has a lot of influence on other people and they can destroy someones pride by lecturing, roasting or just bullying them. A persons toughness represents their pride or lack of shame. A person with high toughness can endure or ignore the haters better than weaker people like the Emos.

On Meme Thief ♂️:

See Meme Scroller ♂️ for Online reminder text

On S.W.A.T Team ♂️♀️:

Not really Unorthodox. Just a bit crazy and probably broken.

On Handsome Blonde Surfer ♂️:

haha awesome :)

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