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Just a collection of cards for some fictional characters from various sources, along with a few other related cards.

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Some general notes about this collection of cards:
1) Some of the wordings I'm using (especially on Legendary creatures) are intentionally different. For example, I will refer to a character using the appropriate gender pronoun instead of "it". (Unless, of course, the character in question should be referred to by "it".)
2) All characters used are the intellectual property of their respective owners, as indicated by the artist credit, unless otherwise indicated.
3) If you wish to argue with me about colour pie philosophy based on the colours I assign to a character, feel free to do so. (e.g.: "Just because Mario wears red doesn't mean that's what color he should be. If you think about what he does, he's clearly a white character.")

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Artifact Creature – Construct
{1}{u}: R.O.B. gains flying until end of turn.
{1}{r}: R.O.B. deals 1 damage to target creature or player.
{1}{w}: Put a 1/1 colorless Top artifact creature token with haste onto the battlefield. Sacrifice it the end of the turn.
Illus. Nintendo
Instant – Ultimate
Double all damage that would be dealt to creatures you don't control this turn.
If you control a legendary creature named Vladimir, the Crimson Reaper, Hemoplague deals 1 damage to each creature you don't control.
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2012-10-19 16:42:41 by ttt3142
Lol vladimir jpg 650x10000 q85
Legendary Creature – Vampire Wizard
Vladimir, the Crimson Reaper can't block.
Pay 4 life: Vladimir gains protection from everything until end of turn.
Illus. Riot Games
Creature – Dragon Dinosaur
Champion a creature
Flying, first strike
{r}: Dragon Yoshi gets +1/+0 until end of turn.
If the championed creature was named Yoshi, Green Dinosaur, Dragon Yoshi has haste, trample and double strike.
Illus. Nintendo
Creature – Dinosaur
Soulbond (You may pair this creature with another unpaired creature when either enters the battlefield. They remain paired for as long as you control both of them.)
As long as Yoshi is paired with another creature, both creatures have +2/+2, trample and haste.
Illus. Nintendo
last 2012-07-13 03:49:36 by jmgariepy

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On Hemoplague:
On Yoshi, Green Dinosaur:

Heh. "'The Legendary Rule' is not applied to creatures named Yoshi."?

But that probably wouldn't be as cool as some mechanic that tapped Yoshi to make him swallow someone... though, I have a hard time imagining that without taking up four long sentences.

On Yoshi, Green Dinosaur:

Technically, Yoshi shouldn't be legendary, but whatever...

On Tremors:

I guess this could cost more, but one of the reasons I didn't do that was so it would be easier to pump Rammus and cast the Ultimate on the same turn.
On the other hand, there's nothing wrong with making this more powerful and changing the cost.
I'm not quite sure what I should do here.

On Tremors:

I dunno, it worked for Miracles... and for that matter Landcyclers. All of those cost at least 5 and almost all cost at least 6, under normal circumstances.

On Tremors:

Is the name "Ultimate" as epic as it sounds in League of Legends? I agree with jmgariepy here in terms of making this seem more indicative of the type, but there's not that much you can do if you're trying to make it flavorfully based on the game.
Also, if Ultimate was a real subtype, not all of the cards could cost ridiculous amounts and then be discounted a great deal.

On Tremors:

Hmm. I like the concept ttt, but a 4 casting cost sorcery just doesn't feel very "Ultimate". I know you're supposed to play this when Rammus is out... but I'm guessing the majority of the games this is played, it will be cast for {2}{r}{r}.

In my opinion, if you wanted this to feel like an 'Ultimate', it should cost something like {10}{r}{r}, and be reduced to {3}{g}{g} when Rammus is on the table. That way, it feels like either Rammus is letting you do something broken, because you worked to match him up with this spell, or you, yourself, are going Ultimate.

On Tremors:

This is Rammus, the Armordillo's Ultimate. I'm planning to be doing two types of Ultimates: One where the cost is reduced (or changed) when you control the relevant legendary creature, and one where the effect is enhanced.

On Rammus, the Armordillo:

Geez! I was half-way right, but that sure as heck would have burned me in a real tournament... on top of all that, I knew that p/t was applied last in layers, but for some strange reason, my mind flipped it to "always first".

On Rammus, the Armordillo:

Heh. P/T switching does indeed confuse people, as jmg demonstrates by giving an incorrect comment :)

The way the game handles it is that all P/T switching effects apply right at the end, after all other effects. So if you give this +0/+2, then switch, then give it +0/+2 again, that's entirely equivalent to giving it +0/+4 and switching, which has the actual effect of switching and then giving +4/+0. It would be a 12/4 in that situation.

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