Tomes of Dulaz

Tomes of Dulaz by Lost Fblthp

41 cards in Multiverse

20 commons, 12 uncommons, 7 rares, 2 mythics

3 white, 3 blue, 3 black, 2 red,
2 green, 15 multicolour, 12 hybrid, 1 artifact

52 comments total

One of the largest planes in the multiverse. It is home to 10 completely new and original sentient races

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Backstory new plane | Mages or Wizards | The Numun of Anumina

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On Tomes of Dulaz (reply):

I decided 20 factions is a bit too much. I will add a few 3 color cards but they will be few in number and not alligned to any specific tribe.

On Tomes of Dulaz (reply):

Anumina tropes - Hexproof, indestructible. Sacrifices, Destroy creatures and Morbid effects. Basic strategy: summon lots of basic creatures early. Sacrifice them to make your midrange units stronger. Build towards a massive monster with Hexproof and indestructible. Temporarily protect your weaker creatures until you can sacrifice them at the right time. Legendary creatures will have effects like Bone Splinters or Blood for Bones

On Tomes of Dulaz (reply):

I am using short legend names.

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Creature – Shari Cleric
When CARDNAME enters the battlefield, you gain 8 life.
Creature – Khilt Shaman
When CARDNAME enters the battlefield, choose one;
- Trample
- Haste
- Reach
Creatures you control have the chosen ability.
last 2019-08-22 08:47:38 by Vitenka
Creature – Taibi
{1}{g}{g}: Target creature you control gets +0/+3 until end of turn.
Creature – Taibi
Alarm – When one or more creatures attacks you or a planeswalker you control, you may pay {1}. If you do, you gain 1 life.
last 2019-08-14 03:12:14 by Lost Fblthp
Legendary Creature – Seif Artificer
When an artifact you control becomes tapped, you get {e}.
When Nesem and at least two other seif creatures you control deal combat damage to a player, untap all artifacts you control

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On Card110634:

In isolation; no. But it's one more thing on the totterring pile of things, bringing you one jenga-move closer to everything falling over.

Saying that - it's a rare; so it's not a problem for limited. And you can indeed put a punched-out bit of cadboard on it to remind you. So it's probably ok. But it's a thing to keep your eye on.

On Card110634:

Well i'm sure people can make a note. It's not that hard.

On Card110634:

Literally the turn after you played this, there's no indication what mode you chose

On Card110634:

I just realised i dont need the "in addition to other abilities" part.

On Card110634:

Not really, its just a 3/3 copy of Aggressive Mammoth but with options. You only choose when it enters and the effect goes away when it dies.

On Card110634:

This seems like a terrible memory problem

On Fine Sword Smith:

I made him uncommon because things like weapon crafting would be quite common in the Shaeb race. Also they have a lot of artifact creatures and artifact synergy. See Forgeborn Warrior to get an idea of what the race is all about.

On Fine Sword Smith:

I have seen many play with custom keywords that center around creating similar small equipment tokens. It's a pretty cool concept though as a keyword it could have various development issues - at least when it comes to limited play as equipment themselves at lower rarities easily have that.

As an one thing for a single card, I think it might be more fit for a legendary rare I feel like. It's rather specific mechanically speaking for an uncommon. It requires an unusual token that it creates many of and leaves them behind. Weird rares are one thing, but weird uncommons(?) Idk

On Tomes of Dulaz:

I decided 20 factions is a bit too much. I will add a few 3 color cards but they will be few in number and not alligned to any specific tribe.

On Royal Field Medic:

Changed it so you'll have to pay {w} each time an opponent attacks you if you want to gain life.

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