Edges of Mistrain

Edges of Mistrain by Deadsaint

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A plane build of boundaries, where lava may run along water and life may bloom amidst death.

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Creature – Zombie Rogue
When Edgevault Comber you may sacrifice a land, if you do search your library for a land and put it into play tapped, then shuffle your library.
Illus. Ryan Kennedy
Creature – Beast Warrior
{r}{g}: Pine Pelt gets +1/-1 until end of turn.
His own hide becomes a weapon.
Illus. Ryan Kennedy
Legendary Planeswalker – Johan
+2 Put 2 3/3 green beast tokens into play.
-4 Exile a spell in your graveyard it gains Quiver with a cost equal to its mana cost.
-9 Destroy all lands target opponent controls, put a 3/3 green beast token into play for each land destroyed this way.
Illus. Ryan Kennedy
Creature – Illusion
Flying, Flash
They appear from the trees and leave with your soul.
Illus. Ryan Kennedy
Creature – Spider

When Crawling Armsbearer attacks put a +1/+1 counter on target creature.
Illus. Ryan Kennedy

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On Stone Arrow:

The reason I feel like these deserve a discount is because unlike flashback or jumpstart you have to be casting another spell as well. Making it more expensive would in fact make it almost unplayable.

On Stone Arrow:

It's easiest to combine the first and last sentence by starting out with either

Exile this spell as it resolves if you cast it from you hand.


Exile this spell as it resolves if you didn't cast it for its quiver cost._

Neat enough mechanic. The quiver cost just seems like it should be way more expensive from the quiver. Removal that gets a second use gets the least discount among spells.

On Pine Barrage:

Edited the text as per SecretInfiltrator's idea.

On Amecus, Boundary Crafter:

Mmm, 8-costs are allowed to win. But this lets you win every turn from then on. Which seems a tiny bit over the top.

On Amecus, Boundary Crafter:

All? That's massive. Eight mana is a lot, but just activating this once is turning the whole game around. The repeatability is harder to swallow.

On Pine Barrage:

Quiver is a neat keyword mechanic in concept. Six lines of reminder text is a lot though.

I think you can shorten it a bit e. g. the first clause could be replaced with "Exile this spell as it resolves"

This spell is not digital friendly with the triggered ability from exile.

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