Spires of Destana

Spires of Destana by Deadsaint

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15 white, 15 blue, 15 black, 15 red,
15 green, 22 artifact, 3 land

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A world of darkness and light carved of runic stone.

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Artifact Creature – Construct Horror
Drawbridge Spook gets -1/-1 for each creature your opponent controls.
As you get closer you may begin to notice that the scrappy creature is really just rusted junk.
Illus. Ryan Kennedy
Artifact Creature – Construct
{t}: Scry 1.
A perfect follower for any amateur rune carver.
Illus. Ryan Kennedy
Artifact – Equipment
Equipped creature gets +2/+0 and "Whenever this creature deals combat damage to a player you may destroy target enchantment that player controls."

Equip {2}
Illus. Ryan Kennedy
Artifact Creature – Construct
Gateway Mimic enters the battlefield as a copy of another creature on the battlefield and gains defender.
A powerful defense the castle gates simply mimic the power of whatever assaults them.
Illus. Ryan Kennedy
Artifact Creature – Construct
When Roving Collateral dies draw 3 cards and then discard 3 cards.
Illus. Ryan Kennedy

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On Crimson Blade:

Link misspelled. Try Artifact Possession. Technically, Artifact Possession gets really nasty on artifacts that are supposed to be activated multiple times per turn. Triskelion and Rocket Launcher make decent classic examples. Also great against a Staff of Domination or a Thopter Foundry. But, yeah. 95% of the time, destroying the artifact is better.

On Crimson Blade:

Is this Artifact Posession?

Feels weird. Red gets to flat out blow up an artifact for much less than this.

On Crimson Blade:

Or an even bigger bonus would really make this card a good puzzle. That said, while I love cards like Leaden Fists, Wizards doesn't make many of them anymore because puzzlers upset a lot of players. So... personal taste, I suppose.

But if you don't do that, then you should probably think of reducing the cost of this card. Stab Wound only costs {2}{b}, and seems more generally useful. Quiet Disrepair... okay, I know life gain isn't as strong as dealing damage. And removal isn't as strong as it used to be in 2004. But you get the idea.

On Crimson Blade:

Should let the blade to extra fire damage to whomever you hit, though. "If it's an equipment, it has "Equipped creature gets +1/+0.""?

On Hallowcut, Orphan of Zer:

Taking advantage of this whole passive effect planeswalker thing we are doing now.

On Void Syphon:

I like this.

On Void Whisper:

Agreed, and being able to play a creature for death triggers is too good too.

On Void Whisper:

An often ouright dead card doesn't make for a good common.

On Cliff Carver:

That's an enormous common flier.

On Remnant of a Past Age:

That's too efficient at colorless.

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