Ulgrotha Undying: Ulgroth vs. Innistrad

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Ulgrotha is a plane with a unique flavor, however, it has some stark similarities to Innistrad from a flavor perspective.

Both are planes ruled by vampires. Both are places where people are attempting to go about their normal lives despite the tyranny of vampires.

Both are planes with orders of clerics. On Ulgrotha, they were corrupted by Sengir, on Innistrad, by Ulamog.

Both are planes where angels exist, however on Ulgrotha they are rare since Serra abandoned the plane.

Both are places with tribal themes.


Due to their flavor similarities and it seems reasonable to reference some of the mechanics of Innistrad which have not returned, such as Morbid, Fateful hour, and Undying.

Updated on 12 Mar 2018 by ThisMightBeRyan