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On Ulgrotha Undying (reply):

The legends and characters of the Homelands story, and where they are in the current timeline:

Autumn Willow - Age: Eternal. Gained sentience ~655 years ago. Avatar of Balance, ruler of the wood and protector of the An-Havva people. Autumn Willow faces a dilemma: Her powers have been dwindling for centuries as the Dark Barony continues to spread. While once she could have defeated the forces of Sengir, she chose to sit by as a defender, a source of centuries of regret.

­{g/w} Rashka, Daughter of Autumn - Age: ~450. Champion of Autumn Willow. Rashka spent most of her life slaying vampires and protecting the people of Aysen and An-Havva. When Autumn Willow had the opportunity to cleanse Ulgrotha of the Sengir threat after Feroz' Ban faded, she instead used the influx of mana to imbue Rashka with eternal strength so she could continue protecting her people, hoping a hero would turn the tide of the war. It did not, and after centuries of fighting, Rashka still remains in the forest, cursed to protect it with no end to the war and respite, not even in death.

­{w/u} Sayora, Rogue Falconer - Age: 26. Sayora is a falconer in the traditions of the falconers of Serra. Soraya trained as a Beastwalker since she was a child and can speak the language of the birds. Of the few remaining faithful to the Order of Serra, she operates in secret in Aysen and passes word back to trusted allies at the Wizard's School.

­{w} Hazdhur, Abbot Eternal - Age: ~500. Undead Spirit. The once venerable Abbot of Onella never found a successor after Serra left the plane, and so his spirit is cursed to linger. The Order of Serra is long since dissolved and his ghost haunts the now tainted abbeys of Aysen.

­{b} Sengir, Lord of Ulgrotha - Age: Unknown. Immortal Vampire. Baron Sengir is the true mastermind behind every trouble on the plane: His spies in Aysen caused a schism between the Serrans and the Death Speakers, resulting in the dissolution of the Order of Serra on Ulgrotha and leading the faithful Death Speakers to live, unknowingly, and chattel for the barony. His dark influence at the Wizards School lead many to corruption, yearning for the powers only dark magic could provide. As of 4505, the Baron had amassed a massive army and his conquest of the plane is thought to be complete.

­{b} Ishan - Age: ~500. Undead Spirit. Baron Sengir's unwilling general. Ishan's spirit is bound to the cursed Ring of Ishan, and he is the thrall of whoever wears it. Currently, the ring belongs to Baron Sengir who uses the once honorable warrior to lead his armies in battle. Irini Sengir has hatched many plots over the centuries to steal the ring and to torment Ishan, who she despises.

­{b} Irini, Sengir Enchantress - Age: ~830. Immortal Vampire. Once a Dwarven princess, powerful enchantress, Baron Sengir's adoptive daughter. The Baron's meddlings have made her quite mad, despite being centuries old she has the mind of a sadistic child. While she plots to overthrow Sengir from within, she is too addled to create a competent plan or follow it through. Over the centuries, she has unwillingly exposed dozens of plans to overthrow the Baron, and all of them have failed because of her incompetence.

­{w/b} Murat Sengir - Age: ~500. Immortal Vampire. The leader of the Death Speakers, a corrupt order of clerics who follow Sengir and believe it is their destiny to serve the Barony, despite living as slaves and chattel.

­{u/b} Pirate King Zeki - Age: Unknown. An ancient Pirate who embraced undeath not out of villainy, but out of pragmatism.

­{r} Eron, Brutal Warlord - Age: ~650. A human wizard, cursed with immortality by Ravi Sengir, who rose up to the be king of the goblins, united the goblin, dwarf, and minotaur tribes and protects the Koskun Keep and surrounding mountains as one of the last holdouts against Sengir's forces.

­{u/g} Devin, Willow Ambassador - Age: ~435. An ageless faerie wizard. Devin and his faeries eternally protect the heart of the Great Woods with Autumn Willow's grove at its heart.

On Ulgrotha Undying (reply):


Ulgrotha is a plane with a unique flavor, however, it has some stark similarities to Innistrad from a flavor perspective.

Both are planes ruled by vampires. Both are places where people are attempting to go about their normal lives despite the tyranny of vampires.

Both are planes with orders of clerics. On Ulgrotha, they were corrupted by Sengir, on Innistrad, by Emrakul.

Both are planes where angels exist, however on Ulgrotha they are rare since Serra abandoned the plane.

Both are planes with tribal themes.


Due to their flavor similarities ~~ it seems reasonable to reference some of the mechanics of Innistrad which have not returned,~~ I want to avoid revisiting Innistrad mechanics such as Morbid, Fateful hour, and Undying

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Legendary Creature – Human Knight
Battlebond (Whenever this creature attacks, you may bond it with another unbonded attacking creature. They remain bonded as long as you control both.)
When Baris, Angelfire Inquisitor becomes bonded with another creature, untap each of them.
As long as Baris is bonded with another creature, each of those creatures get +2/+0 and have vigilance.
1 comment
2019-08-14 20:13:01 by Tahazzar
Legendary Creature – Avatar Archer
First strike, reach, vigilance
Other creatures you control get +0/+1 and have reach.
Creature – Human Soldier
First strike
{1}, {t}: Target attacking or blocking creature gains first strike until end of turn.
last 2019-08-13 08:26:56 by Tahazzar
Legendary Creature – Human Scout
When Soraya, Serra Falconer enters the battlefield, bless another creature you control. (To bless a creature, create a white Aura enchantment with enchant creature and attach it to that creature.)
Enchanted creatures you control have "Whenever this creature deals combat damage to a player, draw a card."
1 comment
2019-08-12 19:31:37 by SecretInfiltrator
Enchantment – Sorcery
I – Choose a creature or planeswalker you control. Return each other creature and each other planeswalker to its owner's hand.
II – Each player shuffles their hand into their library, then draws four cards.
III – Each player may put a creature or planeswalker card from their hand onto the battlefield.
last 2019-08-12 19:28:57 by SecretInfiltrator

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On Baris, Angelfire Inquisitor:

Feels rather 'meh' as a legendary rare to me.

On Angelfire Zealot:

1/2 first strike for {w}, really? That's seriously pushed.

On Soraya, Serra Falconer:

There are only two cards with bless in the set.

I recall Soraya being way different. Doesn't feel like a Falconer right now.

On Fall of the Tolgath:

Saga, right?

I wonder, how much text a Saga frame can fit.

On Angelfire Skyknight:

"boned"... So a creature can be bonded and paired with different creatures? Ui.

I would have expected the duration to be "remain bonded as long as both are attacking" or "remain bonded until end of combat". It's weird that they start being bonded on attack, but remain so indefinitely. Restricted to a single combat this could have solved some complexity issues.

On Daria, Planar Enchantress:

"Whenever" should be "If".

Definitely a dedicated Saga planeswalker.

On Angelfire Zealot:
On Angelfire Zealot:

Also, I think you can get away with making this a 1/2 nowadays. But the straight reprint is cool, too.

On Angelfire Zealot:

You forgotten to put in the power and toughness here and on Serra Angel.

On Lance of Law and Grace:

Considering what black/red usually do and what green/blue do I look at Armor of Duty and Reason and immediately think "I'd prefer 'hexproof from black and from red' as well as 'can't be blocked by green and/or blue' over the reverse version that we have right now".

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