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CardName: Fine Sword Smith Cost: 1R Type: Creature - Shaeb Artificer Pow/Tgh: 1/1 Rules Text: {R/W}{R/W}, {T}: Create a Sword artifact equipment token with "Equip {1}" and "equipped creature has +1/+1". Flavour Text: Set/Rarity: Tomes of Dulaz Uncommon

Fine Sword Smith
Creature – Shaeb Artificer
{r/w}{r/w}, {t}: Create a Sword artifact equipment token with "Equip {1}" and "equipped creature has +1/+1".
Updated on 15 Aug 2019 by Lost Fblthp


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2019-08-14 06:57:56: Lost Fblthp created the card Fine Sword Smith
2019-08-14 06:58:55: Lost Fblthp edited Fine Sword Smith

I have seen many play with custom keywords that center around creating similar small equipment tokens. It's a pretty cool concept though as a keyword it could have various development issues - at least when it comes to limited play as equipment themselves at lower rarities easily have that.

As an one thing for a single card, I think it might be more fit for a legendary rare I feel like. It's rather specific mechanically speaking for an uncommon. It requires an unusual token that it creates many of and leaves them behind. Weird rares are one thing, but weird uncommons(?) Idk

I made him uncommon because things like weapon crafting would be quite common in the Shaeb race. Also they have a lot of artifact creatures and artifact synergy. See Forgeborn Warrior to get an idea of what the race is all about.

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